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Sanah DhurueFeb 27, 2024

Perfumes @ ₹29 -'s Leap Day Sale Extravaganza!

🌟✨ Every four years, the calendar gifts us an extra day – and at, we're making sure it's nothing short of extraordinary! Get ready to indulge in a fragrance fiesta like never before as we roll out our exclusive Leap Day Sale on February 28th and 29th, 2024.

A Whiff of Luxury: X, Y, Z Editions at Unbelievable Prices!

At, we believe every perfume tells a unique story. To celebrate this leap year, we're offering a remarkable Leap Day Sale on our X, Y, and Z version fragrances – each one a masterpiece in its own right.

🌈 X Versions (Premium): Immerse yourself in the world of luxury with our X version fragrances. For just 29 INR, you can grab a 5.3ml Eau de Parfum spray originally priced at 100 INR! This is your chance to experience premium scents without breaking the bank.

💎 Y Versions (Super Premium): Elevate your senses with our Y version fragrances, available for an irresistible price of 39 INR. Treat yourself to a bouquet of exquisite scents that scream opulence and sophistication.

🌌 Z Versions (Super Premium Plus): Indulge in the epitome of opulence with our Z version fragrances, priced at only 49 INR. Unleash the ultimate fragrance experience and let the aura of luxury surround you.

How to Seize the Leap Day Magic?

1️⃣ Visit on February 28th and 29th. 
2️⃣ Explore our extensive collection of X, Y, and Z version fragrances. 
3️⃣ Order 5.3ml EDP Spray and Checkout at offer price.

🎁 Limited Stock, Maximum Glamour!

Our Leap Day Sale is not just a sale; it's a celebration of scents and an invitation to embark on a fragrance journey like never before. With limited stock available, it's a race against time to secure your favorite perfumes at these incredible prices.

🥳 Tag Your Fragrance-Loving Squad!

Spread the word, tag your friends, and let the fragrance party begin! Share the joy of our Leap Day Sale on social media using #PerfumeLabLeap and #FragranceFiesta.

🌟✨ Don't miss out on this once-in-four-years opportunity to elevate your scent game. – where every perfume has a story, and yours begins on Leap Day! ✨🌟