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Perfume Lab offers a wide range of meticulously crafted fragrances inspired by your favorite scents from around the world. Our perfumers decode the magic of these fragrances, adding a creative touch to provide you with a unique aromatic experience.

Our Fragrance Categories

Choose from our premium, super premium, and super premium plus categories:

  • X - Premium
  • Y - Super Premium
  • Z - Super Premium Plus

Explore Our Fragrance Options

For over 400 premium fragrances you can enjoy the following options, You Choose, We Make! 

Fragrance OptionXYZ
6.2ml EDP Roll-on₹48₹70₹85
3ml Oil Roll-on₹65₹105₹150
9ml EDP Spray₹65₹105₹145
6.2ml Oil Roll-on₹165₹280₹400
33ml EDP Spray₹200₹330₹425
55ml EDP Spray₹325₹470₹600
110ml EDP Spray₹495₹850₹1050
55g Handmade Soap₹65₹120₹130
110g Handmade Soap₹125₹200₹250

Perfume Experience Sets

  • Sets with 12 * 6.2ml EDP Roll-ons
  • Sets with 24 * 6.2ml EDP Roll-ons
  • Sets with 10 * 2ml Perfume Oil Roll-ons
  • Sets with 9 * 5ml EDP Sprays

A Perfume A Day Sets

Indulge in our "A Perfume A Day" sets, each perfume labeled with a day of the week and the brand it is inspired from.

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