Glam Women - X Versions 5ml EDP Spray Set

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₹ 720


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We have put together a collection of 9 EDP Sprays, each containing 5ml of EDP (Eau de Parfum). This collection is made so that you can try and experience our recreated perfume versions. 

Glam Women is a set that includes the following X Perfume Versions:

  1. BlackA XSA WomenA by PacoA RabanneA
  2. LilyA of TheA ValleyA by YardleyA
  3. TommyA GirlA by TommyA HilfigerA
  4. OceanA LoungeA by EscadaA
  5. JasminA RougeA by TomA FordA
  6. FloraA by GucciA
  7. WarmA VanillaA SugarA by BathA & BodyA WorksA
  8. CKA OneA ShockA Her by CalvinA KleinA
  9. MoonA SparkleA by EscadaA