His X1 - A Perfume A Day Set

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🎩 Introducing "His X1 - A Perfume A Day Set" by PerfumeLab.me! Elevate your daily routine with seven captivating 9ml perfume spray bottles, each inspired by an iconic ultra-expensive fragrance. Immerse yourself in a week of luxury with a signature scent for every day.

DayInspired BrandInspired Frag Variant
MondayMontA BlancALegend
TuesdayTomA FordATobacco Vanilla
ThursdayHugoA BossAEnergize
FridayPacoA RabanneAInvictus
SundayBvlgariAMen in Black

🕴️ MontA BlancA Monday - Legend Start your week with the timeless and sophisticated Legend by Mont Blanc on Monday. Let the classic and elegant notes set the tone for a confident and distinguished week ahead.

🕴️ TomA FordA Tuesday - Tobacco Vanilla Tuesday brings a touch of warmth and luxury with Tobacco Vanilla by Tom Ford. Immerse yourself in the rich and sensual notes, creating an aura of refinement and intrigue.

🕴️ DiorA Wednesday - Sauvage Wednesday calls for the modern and exhilarating Sauvage by Dior. Let the fresh and captivating fragrance envelop you, creating an atmosphere of confidence and vitality.

🕴️ HugoA BossA Thursday - Energize Step into Thursday with the invigorating and dynamic Energize by Hugo Boss. Unleash a burst of energy and freshness, making it the perfect choice for an active and stylish day.

🕴️ PacoA RabanneA Friday - Invictus As the weekend approaches, embrace the powerful and charismatic Invictus by Paco Rabanne on Friday. Let the bold and seductive notes be your companion for a night out.

🕴️ VersaceA Saturday - Eros Saturday calls for a touch of sensuality with Eros by Versace. Immerse yourself in the alluring and vibrant notes, creating an atmosphere of passion and confidence.

🕴️ BvlgariA Sunday - Men in Black Wrap up the week with the mysterious and intense Men in Black by Bvlgari on Sunday. Allow the bold and exotic notes to envelop you, creating an aura of sophistication and allure.

Each perfume bottle is thoughtfully labeled with the day of the week, ensuring a seamless and luxurious transition through your weekly routine. The entire collection is presented in a sleek and travel-friendly plastic box, allowing you to carry the luxury of a different premium fragrance wherever you go. Additionally, we've included a mini velvet pouch for individual bottle transport in your bag.

Indulge in the exquisite scents of "His X1 - A Perfume A Day Set" and make each day a celebration of masculine elegance and style. With eight sets to choose from, PerfumeLab.me invites you to explore the world of luxury fragrance and elevate your daily experience.

Disclaimer: The recreated versions offered by PerfumeLab.me are meticulously crafted through made-to-order formulations based on extensive research, creative analysis, and experimentation. Any mention of brand names is solely for reference purposes and is intended to honor the creativity of the original perfumers who may have pioneered the fragrance. We aim to give due credit to their ingenuity and acknowledge their contribution to the world of perfumery. Our recreated versions are not affiliated with or endorsed by the original brands. Each fragrance is a unique expression of our dedication to providing high-quality, inspired scents for our customers to enjoy.