Men's - X 2 Versions Perfume Oils Experience Set

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PerfumeLab Exclusive Set - 10 Luxury Scents!

Dive into the world of awesome fragrances with our PerfumeLab Exclusive Designer Collection! 🌟 For just Rs 395, get 10 amazing 2ml perfume oils inspired by top designer scents, delivered to your doorstep for free.  πŸŽ 

The Fab 10 Scents:

  1. InvictusA By PacoA RabanneA - Victorious vibes!
  2. SilverA BlackA By AzzaroA - Mystery in a bottle!
  3. DesireA ForA AA ManA By AlfredA DunhillA - Pure sophistication.
  4. PoloA BlueA By RalphA LaurenA - Freshness alert!
  5. HugoA RedA by HugoA BossA - Passion in a spray!
  6. AqvaA PourA HommeA by BvlgariA - Dive into freshness!
  7. AcquaA DiA GioA ProfumoA By GiorgioA ArmaniA - Sensual notes alert!
  8. BlueA JeansA MenA by VersaceA - Casual charm!
  9. ExplorerA by MontblancA - Go on an adventure!
  10. CK2A by ClavinA KleinA - Unisex cool vibes.

Order now and let PerfumeLab turn up the awesome in your fragrance game! 🌈✨