Men's - Y & Z 2 Versions Perfume Oils Experience Set

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PerfumeLab Exclusive Fragrance Set - 10 Luxury Scents! 

Elevate your fragrance game with PerfumeLab's Exclusive Fragrance Set - a collection of 10 stunning 2ml perfume oils that redefine elegance. Now available at the unbeatable price of only Rs 750 with free door delivery! 

The Marvelous 10 Scents:

  1. BlueA RushA By MFKA Pvt. Edn. (Version Id.: PL0375): Experience the rush of freshness with this captivating scent.
  2. TerreA D'HermesA By HermesA (Version Id.: PL0378): Embrace the earthy sophistication of Hermes in every drop.
  3. BossA BottledA OudA By HugoA BossA (Version Id.: PL0390): Unleash the power of oud with this Boss Bottled gem.
  4. DiorA HommeA SportA By DiorA (Version Id.: PL0396): Sporty elegance meets timeless allure with Dior Homme Sport.
  5. TheA MostA WantedA By AzzaroA (Version Id.: PL0411): Be the most wanted with this irresistible Azzaro creation.
  6. TamA DaoA EDP DiptyqueA (Version Id.: PL0449): Enchanting notes of precious woods and spices await you.
  7. DunhillA IconA By AlfredA DunhillA (Version Id.: PL0480): Experience timeless elegance with Dunhill Icon.
  8. MessA MyA BedA By LArtisanA ParfumeurA (Version Id.: PL0468): A fragrance that speaks volumes - "Mess My Bed" by L'Artisan Parfumeur.
  9. SensualA WhisperA By FredricA MalleA Pvt Edn (Version Id.: PL0472): Whisper the language of sensuality with this Fredric Malle gem.
  10. BalA D'AfriqueA By ByredoA (Version Id.: PL0300): Immerse yourself in the exotic allure of Bal D'Afrique.

Order now and let PerfumeLab transform your fragrance experience into a symphony of scents! ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŽ